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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration1 (NHTSA), approximately 424,000 people were injured by distracted drivers during 2013. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and has the potential to result in serious accidents and devastating injuries. While the tremendous increase in the popularity and accessibility of smart phones and other personal electronic devices is a significant factor in many distracted driving accidents, driver distractions can also be decidedly low-tech. The good news for victims is that in many cases, people who are hurt by distracted drivers are legally entitled to recover for their injuries and other losses under Florida law.2

Anyone who has been injured by a driver that they suspected was distracted at the time of an accident should retain legal counsel immediately. To schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Joseph J. LoRusso, please send us an email today through our online contact form available here.

Distracted driving can take many forms

NHTSA indicates3 that there are three main categories of distracted driving. These are as follows:

  • Manual distractions Manual distractions involve any activity which requires a driver to remove his or hands from the steering wheel.
  • Visual distractions Anything that requires a driver to look at anything other than the road ahead constitutes a visual distraction.
  • Cognitive distractions Cognitive distractions occur when a driver is thinking about something other than driving his or her vehicle.

Some distractions combine two or all three of these kinds of distractions, making them particularly dangerous. For example, texting requires drivers to use their hands to manipulate their device, their eyes to read the text they are sending, and also requires them to concentrate on the content of the message they wish to send. According to a 2009 study4 conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), texting while driving at 55 miles per hour results in the driver traveling the length of a football field with his or her eyes off of the road. Some of the more common other forms of driver distractions include the following:

·        Eating

·        Drinking

·        Adjusting the radio

·        Grooming

·        Applying makeup

·        Talking to passengers

·        Looking at scenery

·        Reading

·        Searching for items in the car

·        Using a GPS device

Contact a Ft Lauderdale distracted driving accident lawyer today to protect your legal rights

In many instances, people who are involved in accidents with distracted drivers are able to recover significant financial compensation. The kinds of losses that are often compensable in Florida car accident cases include medical expenses, property damage, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life, among others.

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