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Holding medical professionals accountable for injuries to patients

When you seek medical treatment, you should be able to trust that the medical professionals will work to help your condition improve. Unfortunately, too many patients have their conditions worsen or develop unnecessary complications or injuries due to medical errors. In fact, research published in the Journal of Patient Safety reported1 that anywhere from 210,000 to 400,000 patients suffer preventable harm in medical centers or hospitals on an annual basis.

Doctors have a legal duty to act in a manner meant to keep patients safe and to provide the expected standard of medical care.2 When a doctor fails to uphold that standard of care and a patient suffers unnecessary injury, medical malpractice occurs. Anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice has the legal right to hold the responsible medical professional liable for any losses they suffered as a result of the medical error. Ft. Lauderdale medical malpractice lawyer Joseph J. LoRusso is committed to helping injured patients seek just recovery for their injuries.

Common forms of medical malpractice

There are many different types of medical malpractice that may occur and cause injury, though some of the most common are as follows:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis because the medical professional failed to perform the right tests or ask the necessary questions. Failure to correctly diagnose a condition can significantly delay needed treatment and cause a prognosis to be much worse.
  • Medication errors, which can include prescribing the wrong medication, administering the wrong drug or wrong dosage to a patient, failing to check a patient’s allergies or current prescriptions before giving medication, and more.
  • Errors during surgery, which can include performing the procedure on the wrong body part or even on the wrong patient, careless incisions and surgical work that can cause nicked blood vessels and other complications, improper post-operative care leading to excessive bleeding or infections, and more. Surgical errors often occur due to surgeons who are overly-fatigued or otherwise impaired, due to lack of preparation, or due to an inadequately trained surgical team.
  • Anesthesia errors, including administering the wrong dosage, failing to consider patient allergies, causing a patient to be awake and in pain during a procedure, and more.
  • Injuries related to pregnancy and childbirth, which can include inadequate prenatal care or testing, failing to identify possible birth complications and properly prepare for them, failing to monitor the mother and child during labor, causing injuries during delivery, failing to identify and timely treat medical conditions of the child following birth, and more.
  • Failing to have adequate supervision for patients, causing them to fall down or suffer injury in another way, or not having adequate security, allowing a third party to come in and cause injury.

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