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Ensuring that pedestrians who are injured by the negligence of others recover for their losses

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles indicates1 that more than 7,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes in 2012. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable type of commuter who may be using the road or sidewalk at any given moment. Not only are they more difficult to spot for motorists than other vehicles or bicycles, they also have none of the protections offered by a vehicle body and are completely vulnerable to being struck by other traffic. When motorists and pedestrians collide, the physical injuries that pedestrians sustain can often be tremendous. In some cases, victims may develop significant medical conditions or disabilities that may affect them for the rest of their lives. As a result, anyone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident should be certain to retain legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure that their legal rights are protected.

In many cases, an attorney can help Ft. Lauderdale pedestrian accident victims obtain significantly more compensation than they would be able without legal counsel. To schedule a free case evaluation with Fort Lauderdale attorney Joseph J. LoRusso, please send us an email through our online contact form available here.

Negligent drivers can cause pedestrian accidents in a variety of ways

Under Florida law, people who are injured in pedestrian accidents generally have to be able to establish that the driver was negligent in some way and that that negligence was the legal cause of their accident. Some of the more common forms of driver negligence that often results in pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driver
  • Failure to properly maintain a vehicle
  • Failure to observe Traffic Signals
  • Failure to Stop at Crosswalks
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Failure to Yield the Right of Way
  • Ignoring or Failing to See Stop Signs
  • Not accounting for poor weather
  • Driver Error
  • Pedestrian accident victims should be certain to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident occurs. In some cases, certain injuries may initially seem much less serious than they really are, and failing to have them diagnosed immediately may make it difficult to connect them to your accident at a later time. In addition, seeking medical attention will ensure that you start receiving the proper medical treatment as soon as possible.
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  • Pedestrian accidents can often leave victims with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and months or even years of lost income. In addition, the injuries that victims can sustain often result in significant physical and emotional pain and suffering.
  • South Florida attorney Joseph J. LoRusso has extensive experience assisting clients file successful pedestrian accident claims in Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas. Please feel free to fill out our online contact form or call (954) 715-3260 to schedule a free consultation today.
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  • 2 http://www.distraction.gov/

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